Note: This procedure will "dump" your existing Syscoin 2 wallet via Blockmarket Desktop 1.2.3 (or similar) into your public folder, and ‘import’ this wallet into Blockmarket Desktop 3 from the same folder.

Step 1: Unlock and Dump Your Wallet

  • Open Blockmarket Desktop 1.2.3 (You do not need to sync). 
  • Unlock your wallet. 
    • Press the lock icon on the top right hand of the screen. 
    • Enter your password/passphrase. 
  • Go to /dumpwallet in commands. 
  • Press 'Get'. 
  • Then select 'Try It Out'
  • Enter the following in the file name:
    • /Users/YOURUSERNAME/Public/sys2dump.bmwalletdump
    • Replace YOURUSERNAME with your user name

  • Press 'Execute'.

You will see "Null" in the response section if the wallet was successfully dumped. 

Step 2: Confirm Successful 'dumpwallet' and Close

  • Navigate to Navigate to /Users/YOURUSERNAME/Public/
    • Replace YOURUSERNAME with your user name. 
  • Confirm the ‘sys2dump.bmwalletdump’ file is present.
  • If your dumpwallet file is present, you may now close Blockmarket Desktop 1.2.3

Step 3: Importing the 'Dumpwallet' File

  • Download, install, and run Blockmarket Desktop 3. 
  • Allow Blockmarket Desktop 3.x to fully sync. 
  • Select 'Wallet' from the top menu. 
  • Select 'Import Wallet' from the drop-down menu. 
  • Find and select the Sys2 dump file.
  • press 'open'. 
    • You will get receive a message saying imported.

Your funds will now show in Blockmarket Desktop 3

Note: You should delete your dumpwallet file once you have completed the transfer. This file contains your keys in plain text and should not be stored on your computer.