There are two ways to receive Syscoin:

  • Send the individual who you’re requesting money from your Syscoin Alias or your receiving address.
  • Using Syscoin-Qt's Receive function. 

To locate your receiving address:

  1. Click on the "File" menu at the top.
  2. Select "Receiving Addresses". 


This will open a pop-up with your receiving addresses. You may then copy and paste the receiving address that you want to receive your Syscoin                 on. 

To use the Receive function in Syscoin-Qt

  1. Click on the "Receive" tab. 
  2. Enter a label. 
  3. Enter the amount of SYS you are requesting from the other party. 
  4. Enter a message to the other party. (Not required)
  5. Select "Request Instant Send". 
  6. Press "Request Payment". 


Once completed you will be taken to a page with your new receiving address and a QR code for this receiving address. You can then copy that receiving address and provide it to the person you're requesting SYS from.