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"Dumpwallet" not possible in Blockmarket 1.2.3


I need help - I cannot dump the wallet to upgrade to Blockmarket 3.

I have read the instructions carefully, but there is no "sys2dump.bmwalletdump" in "C:\Users\Public\"

Also Blockmarket 1.2.3 does not update the Blockchain.

Please help!
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Blockmarket 1.2.3 will not sync because it connects to the 2.0 chain which is no longer running. Syncing to the 2.0 chain is not necessary - all you need is to dumpwallet.

In Blockmarket 1.2.3 go to the console and use the dumpwallet command:
In Windows use this location(with no quotes):






(xxxxx is your username)

Then you should be able to find the file in that folder, then import that into Blockmarket 3.0

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