Creating an Alias in Syscoin Core

Before creating a new Alias you will need to complete the following steps:

  •  Delete old Syscoin Core software and install the latest version for your operating system, and update your syscoin.conf file.  ](Updating Syscoin-Qt from Previous Versions)

  •  Fund your up to date Syscoin wallet.

## **Step 1: Assign an Alias to your Syscoin Address**

### **1.1 Find all the Syscoin addresses associated with your wallet.dat**

1.  In the latest version of Syscoin-QT, Click on the "File" menu option near the top left.

2. Select the "Options" menu option. 

3. Click on the Wallet tab.

4. Check the "Enable coin control features" option, then click "OK"



*NOTE:* Aliases are lower-case and cannot have spaces. Any uppercase letters will be changed to lowercase.