Using the Syscoin wallet click on the “Send” tab and you’ll be taken to a screen that looks like this:


There are 3 fields which need to be filled in to send Syscoin to someone:

  1. Pay To: Enter the receivers Alias (if they have one) or full wallet address in this input box.
  2. Label: Whatever you enter in this box will be associated with the address in your address book. For example – if you entered “John’s Main Wallet” in the label field, that would be displayed next to his address in your address book.
  3. Amount: This is the amount of SYS that you will be sending. You are given the option to subtract the minimal fee for sending SYS from the amount you are sending by checking the box labeled “Subtract fee from amount.”

After those required fields are filled in, you can send the SYS by clicking the “Send” button at the bottom left of the screen.



You can also pay multiple people different amounts of SYS through this window as well by clicking the “Add Recipient” button. This will insert another row with the 3 required fields (Pay To, Label, Amount)




Sending money to multiple people at once is the same as sending it to a single individual. After you have filled out all of the required fields, hit “Send” to initiate the Syscoin money transfer