Selling an item using directBTC allows merchants to use Syscoin’s marketplace with minimal exposure to the Syscoin currency itself. Merchants will still need a small amount of SYS to cover listing fees (2-10SYS depending on number of listings) from there all payments are directly received in Bitcoin, no exchanging required.
Items sold using directBTC cannot leverage Syscoin’s more advanced services such as Escrow, Affiliate Sales, etc.
To list an item using directBTC create an offer and in the “New Offer” dialog change the “Accept Bitcoin Only” dropdown to “Yes”. Its important you take note of the seller alias being used for these items, as the private key related to those aliases will be used to claim the funds on the Bitcoin blockchain.
Once the item is listed, its recommended you export the private key related to the seller alias into your Bitcoin wallet. To do this open the debug console using Help > Debug Console. Click on the “Console” tab and in the input at the bottom enter the command dumpprivkey [ALIASNAME] replacing [ALIASNAME] with the alias linked to the directBTC item. You will only need to complete this process once per alias.
The debug console will output the alias private key. Import this private key into your Bitcoin wallet and you’ll now be able to receive all BTC funds related to sales on the Syscoin marketplace.

NOTE: As buyers purchase your items using directBTC you will be able to confirm their purchases using the “Check BTC Payment” located on the “Sold” tab within the Marketplace. It is highly recommended that you manually verify the expected payment has been recieved before delivering goods related to the transaction.