Syscoin’s escrow system uses third party arbitration to ensure safe transactions. The option to enable escrow is totally up to the buyer and is optional. If the arbiter is needed to resolve the transaction, the buyer will automatically be charged a 0.5% fee which goes to the arbiter. 

To use escrow, after clicking the “Accept Offer” button “Buy” tab check the checkbox for escrow and enter the Syscoin Alias of a mutually trusted third party. In most situations the arbiter’s intervention will not be needed but they’re there to ensure both parties act according to the purchase agreement. 

Once the merchant has delivered your items, navigate to the “Escrow” tab and select the escrow related to the purchase. Click the “Manage Escrow” button located at the bottom of the screen or in the right click menu. If everything has been delivered to satisfaction, click the “Release Escrow” button. 

If you have issues with the delivery, you can contact the seller directly using Syscoin’s Encrypted Messaging system. If the buyer and seller cannot come to an amicable agreement the arbiter can be contacted, review the details of the dispute, and resolve the matter either refunding the buyer, or releasing the funds to the merchant.